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Annette has been a hobbyist film maker her whole life, from making home movies with family, to short films in primary school (often incorporating the locals in her home town), to 21st birthday videos. She graduated from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Media Studies, and went on to teach Secondary School Media. In 2008 she made the cross-over from teaching to wedding videography, and found her true passion in capturing natural candid moments.

Daniella has always had a camera in her hand, and growing up in Israel provided her with an enormous amount of beautiful imagery to capture. She spent many weekends exploring the backstreets of Tel Aviv, capturing the people and their rich history. She loves to travel, and not surprisingly she loves to film when she travels. Daniella is the creative eye behind Burgess Video; she sees the landscape like no one else and will crawl through mud and bushes to get that magic shot.

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